Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Speedline Crankiness

Today started with a ride in hell for me, Gentle Readers,urgh!  I ride public transportation into work 'most every day.  I get on at the first possible stop, so I generally always have a seat which is a good thing :)....I am a good public transit rider, since I will sit on the inside and if the train is starting to fill up (no empty seats) I make sure that I have all of my paraphernalia on my lap and I allow enough room for another passenger to sit.

Today was a bit crowded.  At the second after mine, we were starting to double up.  Someone comes along to sit next to me.   Now, understand that I am a large woman.  I am a good size 18 maybe even 20 (ok PROBABLY more realistically a 20).  I take up my half of the seat, with the little edge of my half intact (not spilling over) since I am not large-bottomed.  Enter my new seat mate:

This woman was probably about my size, but most of her weight was in her ass.  She plopped in the seat, and yes the side of her leg overlapped onto me.  I figured (read: hoped) that she would shift around to get more comfortable and perhaps GET HER FAT ASS OFF OF ME...but alas that did not happen.  So I entertain my mind (by reading my Nook and just pretending that her warm leg isn't usurping the middle ground of our seat...ugh) and eventually we come near to our destination (we had left the stop before mine was to arrive) and I mentioned to her that my stop was next.  She didn't acknowledge me, so I repeated that the next stop was mine.  She said in a snarky tone "do you normally get up while the train is moving?"  I answered "no, but i wanted to be sure you understood that I was at the next stop"  since I was pretty sure she'd need a crowbar to unwedge her fat ass from the seat to allow me to extricate myself.  As the train was slowing down she did stand up and then (que lastima) almost stumbled back (which I believe was an exaggerated show to me that I was rushing her too early to get up).... urgh :)

So that's it for the rant of the day today.  And please don't take offense if you are a big-bottomed woman.  I think it's great and you should enjoy all of your curves; however, I don't want them sitting on ME if I don't know you....


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